The New Cog in the Old Machine lets make this World Turn The Right Way Together

Natural Qunubu Foundation

The Crew

All Flesh & Blood Living Beings that believe, Breath and create in equality of Non Invasive Living life for all Living Life Everywhere, We are here to bring together all Living Life in equality as God or Universal One Intended in the First Place, We are all God We are All The Crew.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy we as a collective Race of Intelligent Beings have been Tricked into feeding Space Laws when we all Live and are one of Earth and Nature, So Lets get back to our Roots as Caretakers which is our true jobs why we are here, to Caretake our Mother, Our Planet Our Earth.


We Formulate and Create Natural Medicinal Tools threw Help and Guidance from our Oldest Elders of our mother Earth the most Effective Simple and Non Invasive Earth Medicines to Help you become your own Doctors from our Mother Gia as One living Whole, where You and Your Vessel Fix Yourselves like Nature Originally Intended.